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In a Yoga Guroo class yoga opportunities are introduced sensitively & inclusively. Enjoying mindful movement, teenagers can share their thoughts & enjoy working together collaboratively.



To embed firm foundations for lifelong, physical wellbeing, self-respect & self-worth through a creative, non-competitive yet challenging approach.

• Regular stretching & strengthening need to part of a teenager’s life to support the physical changes at this age.

• During puberty, an increase in heart & lung volumes, along with a growth spurt, means teenagers rapidly increase their muscular strength, aerobic capacity & exercise tolerance.

• In tandem with the physical, Yoga Guroo provides practical strategies for life long mental wellbeing through breath, mindfulness & relaxation.

 Yoga Guroo teenagers recognise how to listen to their own body, learn practical self-care skills – taking on growing responsibility for their personal health & wellbeing.

Developing & nurturing character traits that support motivation guiding positive behavioural & personal development.

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