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Bendy, giggly, clever & strong

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Here at Children inspired by yoga, we have a goal to become bendy giggly clever & strong.

Bendy through Yoga

Giggly through Creativity

Clever through strategic content aligned to the National curriculums

Strong through mindfulness & relxation

We use this Bendy, giggly, clever & strong song at the start of all our story sessions. The children love the familiarity, & it helps to get them in the 'just right state for learning...' that is, not too alert, not too drowsy.

The song itself has affirmations - I am STRONG,.... & the action of 'giggly' produces a joyful response even if the giggly seems forced. Even fake laughing can have the same effect on your endorphins. In any case, there's no question that you & your child will feel better after doing this joyful warmup together!

Make up dance moves, or even play an imaginary instrument in the instrumental sections.

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