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Learning at Home with Yoga

Welcome to these blogs, giving guidance and tips on how Yoga can help your child (and you) maximise their learning potential whilst they are at home.

Hello Everyone

My name is Sue Heron and I head up the training at Children Inspired by Yoga.

I am a paediatric physiotherapist by training, and love linking my knowledge with the team at Children Inspired: yoga specialists, educationalists and musicians

To kick off I will be writing a series of five blogs discussing the following key thoughts on harnessing the power of Yoga for sleeping, resting, playing and of course learning at home

Five key thoughts

  1. Levels of alertness. Appreciate your child’s, and your own, levels of alertness and how this varies during the day

  2. Sensations: Food for our Brains!

  3. Sensations to Regulate Levels of Alertness

  4. Become a Sensory Detective

  5. Yoga poses for the 'Just Right Level of Alertness'

We need no specialist equipment, we need no special Yoga skills we just need to know our bodies!

Hope you enjoy these blogs, click on the link to '1 - Levels of Alertness' to continue.


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