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4 Free Fun Home Resources

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

We appreciate it is so hard to keep busy minds inspired. These websites are well worth exploring, heaps of great ideas and all free....

1. Hungry Little Minds. Simple, fun activities for newborns to 5 year olds. From activities to add to a daily routine to ideas on useful apps. Age groups include: 0-6 mos, 6-12 mos, 12 - 24 mos,

2 - 3 years, 3-5 years.

2. EYFS Home. A totally free daily programme of accessible, educational and entertaining activities all linked to the national EYFS curriculum - Why not wriggle into spring with the hungry caterpillar!

3. Practical Pre-School Books. Some great downloads e.g. Spring

4. Siren Films. Famous for their beautifully crafted videos. The company is offering free access to its early years library of clips - great for educators and parents alike.

5. Ocean Wise Conservation Association. Based around learning to care for the ocean, and the animals in it, this team of educators and animal experts have compiled a great set of free resources called Online Ocean. There are live stream sessions, which can be viewed later, and a live-stream series called Connected North  - we love the What inside me? video.

6. The British Nutrition Foundation has some great free resources and activity suggestions for various age groups: 3-5 years, 5 - 7 years, 7-11 years, 11-14 years and 14-16 years. The site is aimed at nurseries and schools, but there are lots of helpful ideas for parents too.

7. Oxford University, World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNICEF have launched a set of parenting tips to help parents cope during the pandemic Topics include;

  • Planning one-on-one time

  • Staying positive

  • Creating a daily routine

  • Avoiding bad behaviour

  • Managing stress

  • Talking about COVID-19

8. BookTrust Home Time. Enjoy fun at home with authors and illustrators There are videos, games, recipes, competitions, quizzes and much more.

The National Literacy Trust Family Zone is a one-stop shop for families Includes:

  • Small Talk videos to help parents chat, play and read with their young child

  • Guides to building a reading den at home

  • Reading Miles Global Challenge - to encourage children to read around the world

  • Activity sheets based on popular children’s books, including Where’s Wally?,

  • Playful learning activities featuring much-loved CBeebies characters, and author videos with live stories and draw-along sessions.

9. Zero to Three is a great US based website giving advice, support and training around the very early years to parents and early years professionals alike. Their positive parenting page is packed full of good strategies including:

10. Pikler foundation Dr. Emmi Pikler, was a Hungarian paediatrician, author and lecturer known for her revolutionary approach to infant and child care. In 1946 she founded a residential nursery in Budapest, Hungary, the Pikler® Institute, where the focus was to preserve the competence, autonomy and integrity of the young child, ages 0 - 6 years. During this time the Foundation is offering free weekly webinars with highly regarded experts in the field of early childhood education. Webinars can be accessed directly at the time and day of the event by clicking on the pertaining link. In addition, it will go Live on Pikler USA’s Facebook page. After the event, the recording will be available on Facebook as well as here on Pikler USA's website.

With advice from Ute Strub. Ute, is a Pikler Master Teacher and physiotherapist and she continues to lecture and lead Pikler® trainings. Ute provides great advice on how to calm for bed and playing together - joining in with mischievous play with your baby or child so as not to disturb the ‘tender plant of humour’ in its growing years.

11. The Development Doctor - Dr Mark Bertin is based in the US and specialises in developmental paediatrics focusing on the promotion of child development, and developmental disorders such as ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities. He is also great advocate of mindfulness. His blog is full of useful tips and thoughts see: 'Home Learning during the Crisis' In this article he notes 'Exercise will help your kids stay happier, healthier, and improve their behaviour and learning. Consider planning more than one exercise break daily' - Great advice!

Have Fun we hope you find these sites useful!

The Children Inspired Team

Be apart together

Of course you need to break up these activities and mental focusing with a bit of yoga inspired movement and mindfulness. Our great franchisees continue to support their communities. Find out about virtual classes running in your local area at

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