About us

We are the longest standing children's yoga company in the UK (& beyond), with classes delivered through our ethical franchise programme. 

 Our unique multi-sensory concept for babies & children 0-16 years combines music, movement & storytelling in a fun, creative & developmental way.


Baby Bumpkin -0-2 years

Tatty Bumpkin 3-7 years

Tatty Guroo 8-11 years

Yoga Guroo 12 - 16 years

With the recent events, yoga for children is even more relevant, & so we have developed the hashtag & this website  #beaparttogether. Some of our sessions can be found delivered live, some recorded (for insurance purposes this is for existing little yogis) but we have a wealth of resources that we are sharing here.

Special thanks to my daughter & No1 Tatty Bumpkin fan, who is using her home home-learning schooling breaks to record our new videos. Please reach out to us if there's anything you think we can do to help you.

stay bendy, giggly, clever & strong.

Sam Petter

Founder & CEO

I'm all about creativity - as an artist,  illustrator & designer I love being creative about movement too. Yoga is holistic & non competitive, I love helping children to explore their innate joy of movement.

Sue Heron

Programme leader

As a peadiatric physiotherapist, I too love bringing creativity into movement. My specialism is children with significant needs, & to bring laughter & joy alongside the power of movement is a wonderful thing

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© 2020 Children inspired by yoga

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